Ryan's Custom Nerf Guns

Nearly ten years after I first launched this blog and started selling modded and painted blasters, I STILL get inquiries from you guys, and for a while, I turned them down, but you just keep asking.

With amazing new guns like RIVALs, MEGAs, and the new stuff coming in 2017 I can no longer resist. 

I no longer maintain or update this blog. I am now a professional photographer, but I still do blasters. So visit 

To see the latest content and to order custom projects. 

See you there, and if you need professional photography for your business while we're at it, that's what I do now. 

- Ryan

UPDATE: 2.2.2011: Due to recent demand, I am now taking limited orders for Mavericks again. I should note that about a year and a half ago or so, the computer that contained all of my customer and shipping information was stolen. Subsequently, I had some security issues with my online accounts. My eBay account, PayPal, and even the email account I used for PayPal have been completely shut down and are gone forever. I do not have ANY record at all of previous orders, and I am considering this a new endeavor. I apologize if you've tried to reach me concerning issues with past orders, but in order to do this as fairly as possible, and because I'm sure I suffered more loss than you did, I'm not going to attempt to support orders made two years ago or so. 

Moving ahead, I am doing a new endeavor full time; www.uryaen.com, a site dedicated to hardware and software evaluation. I have been given a couple of recent orders, including a massive 20 gun order, so I set up shop again for limited orders. If you want a Maverick, please review the 2011 pricing. Yes, it's a little bit higher than 2009 pricing, and this is for two reasons. One: my costs are much higher, and two: My profit margins will be much different this time. I do assure you that the quality of the product is just the same. I may change and reevaluate pricing as we go along, but in the meantime, feel free to place an order, and I will get that out to you according to standard lead times. I am solidifying Rush Order pricing, but expect to pay more for a rush order. 

Transformers - I will still do Transformers, and the new third movie line is coming out. Best to email for a specific quote and bear in mind that these won't be cheap. 

Site information - MOST pages of this site are unchanged from 2009 and may contain outdated information. I don't have time to go through and update EVERYTHING. Email me, and what I tell you by email is the current information. I have updated the price list page, and this note, and so far, that's it. 

VIDEOS and IMAGES - I am in the process of getting a new camera soon, and I will create new videos of the 60 foot Maverick, and new macro images of builds as I go along. Look for updates here. 

I am anticipating somewhat of a rush, just like last time, so if you're on the fence, order now. 


Home of the 63 foot Maverick! See new video here.
NEW! Custom Painted Transformers!

Greetings! Welcome to THE premier Custom Nerf Gun provider online.

Welcome www.mwctoys.com readers! Tonight marks a new chapter in my operation. Most of you are here because Michaels’ feature sparked your curiosity. I fully anticipate a massive influx of orders based on this story, so if you want to get an order in, and you want to be first in line, see THIS PAGE for a quick and dirty overview of my product line and to order a pre-configured package deal.

Because of the influx of new orders, there will be a backlog for the foreseeable future. In order to keep this process as fair as possible, I am implementing some new rules. Please see the this link for more information.


As we get started, make sure you follow me on Twitter. See the gadget to the right, or just add "UryaenNerf" to your Twitter client. I am tweeting all my daily workload updates, so don't forget this.

6.15.09 - CLEAR MAVERICKS NOW IN STOCK! See price list for details.


Click on the "read more" link below for extensive details and pictures.

( Special Note: This front page post is updated daily with the latest information so please be sure to check back often. New mods and pictures are added often )   

The Product

My first product is the 2008 Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6 modified with powerful internal modifications and a custom, uniquely detailed paint scheme. See pictures.

Example of the highest tier modified and painted gun. MANY MANY hours of labor and detailing go into these projects, thus their slightly premium price point.

Seen here is the latest version of the Tier 3 “Steampunk” style paint job.




See more pictures of the above gun here.

This popular, powerful Nerf blaster retails for $10, normally comes with 6 foam darts with a suction cup head. It's a very fun toy for adults, but the color scheme makes it hard to take seriously. There is also a lot of potential for modifying the gun to make it even better and more powerful. To that end, I present Ryan Siller's Modified Maverick.

The following is included in the “Standard Mod Package”

Barrel Load Mod - Normally the Cylinder only sticks out about halfway, making it hard to load it or spin it. I Dremel several parts from both the main gun and the Cylinder . This makes it look more like a real revolver. You can freely spin the Cylinder and then flick the gun to lock it back in. ( Not used with Drop Cylinder mod )


Spring Modifications - Spring was stretched and a spacer was added to make the plunger discharge faster. Gives more power and distance.

Note: I am currently seeking a stable supplier of replacement springs, and until I find one, I will not be using replacement springs.

Barrel Air Restrictor Mod - The posts that are on the air restrictors were removed. I drill out the restrictors as well. The main benefit is the ability to fire homemade ammo, called "Stefan's" after the person who came up with the idea. ( Not used with Barrel Upgrade mod )

Straw Mod - I cut out the Air Restrictors and hot glue a straw into the barrel. This makes it seal better and better directs the air flow. Each barrel is filled with expanding foam or hot glue, sealed, and re-enforced. This is the secret to making the darts more powerful. ( Not used with Barrel Upgrade mod )


Optional Extra Modification

NEW – Stage II POWER Mod – New for May a special new power mod is being implemented which gives considerably more power. You can see how it works here, and it is an optional mod.

When ordering, specify “Stage II” and add $10 to the listed prices below. please note that the long term viability of the gun with this mod is not known but so far many of my guns have held up for many weeks.

NEW – Upgraded Barrels – Especially potent when combined with the Stage II power mod, I hack, slash, and glue in a complete set of replacement barrels, tight as a drum and much longer than stock. The advantages are several.
  • Longer Distance – with more barrel to travel through, the projectile has a longer run up to maintain a straight-line velocity.
  • More power – A combination of tighter fit and better seal at the bottom means that more power is delivered to the ammo. This also obviates two of the standard mods.
  • More Accurate – Infinitely more accurate than the stock barrel. One of the chief problems with the Nerf Barrel is abysmal stock accuracy, even with custom ammo. An upgraded barrel assures accurate shots every time.



Barrels Pricing

I am still working out the process, so pricing may be in flux for a while. A lot of work and more raw material goes into this mod, so for now, I will just say that this mod will add $10 to any Maverick.
How much difference does this mod make?

Based on my testing, a gun fitted with the upgraded barrels but not the Stage II power mod groups shots consistently to 40+ feet, and with Stage II more than 50+ feet.

See video of a fully modified Maverick with the upgraded barrels here.

Note on Upgraded Barrels – There have been several questions about this. If you order Upgraded Barrels, your Maverick will fire custom ammo like a rocket but WILL NOT BE ABLE to fire official Nerf ammo. They do not fit.

NEW – Removable Cylinders– Want a quick load cylinder that pops completely out of the gun? Want to keep a couple of spares on hand for Nerf Wars? I’ll do any paintjob complete with “Drop Cylinder”. Just add $24.99 for set-up and one spare cylinder and then $19.99 each additional cylinder for fully painted guns, or $19.99 for set-up and one spare cylinder and then $14.99 each additional cylinder for non painted guns. The additional cost is to cover the modifying of the cylinder and painting. The cylinder is the most labor intensive part of the whole gun.

Tier 2 - OD Camo - 001

As per above, if you are ordering Upgraded Barrels, and want more than one cylinder, each cylinder will have to be upgraded.

Clutch Lock - Covers disassembly and permanent gluing of Cylinder Clutch. For painted guns, this makes Cylinder advancement more reliable. Required mod with the Removable Cylinders. Optional otherwise.

Premium Parts - Unlike other sellers, I purchase and use parts from many Mavericks. I pick out only the best performing parts and even screws from each set, and assemble the best possible gun for each release. A great deal of thought and effort is put into each gun.



Custom Paint Job - Entire gun is carefully sanded for many, many hours. A lot of detail work goes into this process, allowing the gun to take a new, more metallic paint job. After the base coat, the paint may be "weathered" with a different color, and this gives the whole gun a very realistic, battle worn look.
Every gun is fully painted, down to all of the moving parts. Some guns you find on eBay leave the sled, the barrel supports, and other small parts unpainted. I detail the entire gun, sanding and finishing every piece, detailing to perfection.

There are Three Tiers of pricing for my Mavericks, and two categories. This includes painted and unpainted, and modified or stock. This way you choose what you want. See below for details.
Custom Ammo - My modified guns each come with 40 1.5" dark gray custom "darts". This ammo is lighter and more front weighted than stock ammo, and far more cost effective. These are included free. Additional darts are available. See Price List for a quote.



Finally, after extensive testing, I can come out and claim that my Maverick with ALL the above mods will group shots to 63 feet. This is a HUGE leap over similar guns. Video of the measuring, marking of ammo and firing coming soon. For now, I have one video showing the firing here.

Note on ammo: Due to the nature of the mods associated with these guns, they do not fire standard Nerf ammo very well, or at all. Nerf Ammo contains a hollow core, and is fired using a spring. Because the standard ammo is hollow, less air pressure builds behind it, and thus, use of custom ammo is highly recommended.

Ryan’s Maverick Signature Series

Want the whole Enchilada? The ULTIMATE Maverick? Want the best of the best? Simply order a Signature Series, and I will produce a Maverick on order of only the finest of each part, hand selected, with EVERY mod I do, painted with a custom paint detailing that goes even beyond Tier 3. Every tiny nook and cranny is detailed, and then detailed some more.
The Signature Series includes:
  • Tier 3+ Paint Job
  • Spring Mod
  • Stage II Power Mod
  • Drop Cylinders with three complete, painted cylinders
  • Upgraded Barrels in Each cylinder
  • 100 count hand picked ammo, straight, true, and tested to 50+ feet.
  • Matching Holster
  • Priority Warrantee. If your gun breaks due to normal wear and tear, I will fix it within 6 months. 
  • Guaranteed to be a 60 foot gun
  • Each gun is hand signed and numbered
Each gun is thoroughly tested, and the paint macro-inspected. You will receive a gun that I would be proud to show off as my own. 

Price - $249.99 plus shipping.

I realize that this sounds like a lot, but it represents many days worth of work for me, a great deal of raw materials, and is in line with the pricing of my normal guns. This is the premium product and you are welcome to order the normal guns if you don’t need so many mods. This is the only package I offer a guaranteed warrantee on.

Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time for Signature Series.

Pictures available soon, after the first order.

The Pictures -
These are the pictures of the final assembly, and corresponding Tiers of paint jobs.
The first is "Tier 1". Base coat is a metallic black or similar single color, and unlike the higher tiers, there is no weathering here. It's all shiny and new. Gun is finished, detailed, and sprayed with three coats of a glossy clear coat, as opposed to the satin coat of the other two. It's hard to see the difference in pictures, but it's shinier. This is an example of the Tier 1 price for painting, because it represents the least overall detailing. This doesn't mean that it's easy, just that it lacks the massively time consuming "weathering" effect of the other two tiers. For your order, you can choose other colors, such as brown or copper. I don't really recommend lighter colors on their own.


The second picture is "Tier 2". Base coat is a metallic black or similar single color. I then hand paint the silver onto the whole body, giving the whole gun a scratched, worn look. Gun is finished, detailed, and sprayed with three coats of satin clear coat. It looks fantastic in person, like a battle worn gunmetal gray revolver. The silver detailing is hand brushed and very labor intensive. Yours may be any color combination available in the paints that work well with this plastic.


Finally, the third picture is "Tier 3", which is the most Premium Paint Job I offer. This Tier contains a considerable amount of further layers of detail, including hand weathering each layer of paint, hand brushing additional details such as "burn/scorch" marks into the barrel and slide, and applying painstaking "rust" effect to the entire unit. This example includes: Base coat is a metallic black, and some parts are copper. This Tier also contains additional masking to make the grip of the handle a different overall color from the rest of the gun. This two stage paint process is very time consuming and is not included in the two lower Tiers in order to keep cost down. This two tone look is a slight nod to Steampunk without being overt or tacky. I then hand paint the silver/brown/rust onto the whole body, giving the whole gun a scratched, worn look. Gun is finished, detailed, and sprayed with three coats of satin clear coat. It looks amazing in person, like a battle worn gunmetal gray/copper/rusted Steampunk revolver.


Pictures truly do not do justice to this level of detail. If you want to see some specific angles, email me.


If you want a different Nerf gun painted, such as the Recon, Vulcan or Longshot, email for a quote. I will begin offering modified versions of them as I am able. For now, I will be happy to paint a stock version of any of the above to the  level of perfection seen in my Mavericks. Bear in mind that this is a costly, time consuming process, so please have a clear idea of what you would like your gun to look like.


"FireFly" undergoing the painstaking sanding process I put these guns through. This one will be available in a custom Tier 4 pricing scheme. See Price List for details.

Available Base Colors -

Black, Graphite, Brown, and Green. It's possible for me to do others, such as Pink, by request.

Available Detail Colors -

Silver, Brown, Copper, White, and others, as available.

BARREL TIPS - I have gone back and forth on the issue of painting the tips. I am willing to offer any Tier of paint job with the tip left as orange. It still looks very nice, and I have pictures to share via email.


There are two types of work that I do,

Painting - which includes three general Tiers of detail and pricing

Modding - which includes detailed internal modifications to allow the gun to not only fire harder, but fire custom ammo.


Unpainted Guns - Standard modified, but unpainted Mavs are $39.99. These have the advantage of operating a bit smoother due to not having additional paint on them. Turnaround is a lot faster on these as well.

Painted Guns - NON modified, painted Mavs are the following:
  • Tier 1 - as described above - $39.99
  • Tier 2 - as described above - $49.99
  • Tier 3 - as described above - $59.99
Please note that while that seems like a lot of money, a great many hours over many days goes into the labor of Tiers 2 and especially 3. This is an Artisan craft, and as such, is subject to my skills, training, raw materials consumption, and just as importantly, time. It's actually not very much per hour when you break it down. I'm just here to support myself on my skills, not get rich.
Pictures of the sanding process:







I have a couple of customers so far who might be willing to share their experience working with me and offer their take on whether my work is worth the money. For serious inquires I will put you in touch. I will also be posting pictures and “reviews” very soon on their own page. I am home all day, I respond to emails immediately, and I work hard to please my clients.

Now for the whole enchilada, if you want a fully modified AND painted gun, the following prices apply with slight discount. It's easier to me to do modifications and painting on the same gun, so I'll take a few bucks off. I know it's an investment, but it's an investment in something very unique.

Fully Modified, Painted Guns are the following pricing:
  • Tier 1 - as described above - $49.99
  • Tier 2 - as described above - $59.99
  • Tier 3 - as described above - $69.99
All modified guns come with 40 rounds of custom ammo.

Please note, I'm pretty easy going, and I'm flexible on payment terms, or even possible trades. There's always lots of stuff I need, so if you own a business and want to trade something cost effective to you, let me know. I'm into computers, gadgets, toys, especially Transformers, DVDs, games, and even household stuff like kitchen supplies. Just email me.

Quantity Discount - The labor and materials costs per order are pretty tight as is, but if you help me out with a large order, I'll do what I can to accommodate with a discount. Due to the varying degree of costs associated with each tier, I can't offer a flat discount. I will consider each order on a case by case basis.

NOTE for eBay auctions – Due to a recent lowering of my prices, and the fees associated with eBay and PayPal, all auctions for single guns will be a flat $10 higher than direct. I transact many sales directly via PayPal, but if you really want a gun, and must do it through eBay, this additional fee will apply.


Additional ammo is available with notice for the following: ( Light Ammo )
  • 50 - $9.99
  • 100 - $14.99
  • 200 - $24.99
Please ask about larger quantities. I'm just one guy ya know :)

Terms of Sale:

Fully modified and painted Mavericks are very labor intensive. I thoroughly test each one after final assembly. These guns are very sturdy, but are no longer toys. They should never be given to children, due to the modifications in place. They fire more powerfully than the stock versions, and are meant for adult collectors.

Turnaround Time: - Greatly depends on workload. See the right side of the page for my Tweets on my workload.

Workload Times - ( Note that these times are PER ORDER, not a quote on actual shipping dates )

Unpainted, modified guns - Take about 2 days to process, including curing of sealants. If I have no other work orders, your order will ship on the third day after I receive payment via Paypal. If you wish to pay via certified check or money order, I will begin order after money is cleared.

Painted, non-modified guns Take 2 days for sanding and masking, and then:
Tier 1 - at least two days for painting, detailing, touch up, and clear coating. I HIGHLY recommend allowing an additional day to fully dry so that I can check to make sure there is no further touch up to be done. - Shipping as soon as fourth day.
Tier 2 - at least three days for painting, detailing, touch up, and clear coating. I HIGHLY recommend allowing an additional day to fully dry so that I can check to make sure there is no further touch up to be done. - Shipping as soon as fifth day.
Tier 3 - at least five days for painting, detailing, touch up, and clear coating. I HIGHLY recommend allowing an additional day to fully dry so that I can check to make sure there is no further touch up to be done. - Shipping as soon as seventh day or later.
Fully Painted AND Modified Guns take the following:

NOTE: ALL modifications are performed and allowed to dry and cure before sanding and painting takes place. This is to assure that the paint process is not interrupted and assures a high quality finish. Therefore, fully painted and modified guns take a while.

( Exception - Orders including Removable Cylinders will take longer. This is due to the complex interaction of the painting/modding/clearcoating of the Cylinders. Therefore, add at least 1-2 days to these orders. )
Modifications - 2 days for modifications, 2 days for sanding and masking, and then:
Tier 1 - at least two days for painting, detailing, touch up, and clear coating. I HIGHLY recommend allowing an additional day to fully dry so that I can check to make sure there is no further touch up to be done. - Shipping as soon as sixth day. 
Tier 2 - at least three days for painting, detailing, touch up, and clear coating. I HIGHLY recommend allowing an additional day to fully dry so that I can check to make sure there is no further touch up to be done. - Shipping as soon as seventh day. 
Tier 3 - at least five days for painting, detailing, touch up, and clear coating. I HIGHLY recommend allowing an additional day to fully dry so that I can check to make sure there is no further touch up to be done. - Shipping as soon as ninth day or later.
Workload delay- If I have a large workload, I'll let you know upfront. Basically for every two orders per day beyond a first, I would add an additional day to processing time. I won't rush any order, and these projects are very labor intensive. I will always alert you as I go along. I also take extensive pictures of each gun I do from original package to the packing of your order. If you want, I can send pictures each day. ( Not during Backlog conditions )

Ship Dates -

Whether Direct or through eBay the rule is the same. I will always guarantee a quality product, but I will not guarantee an exact ship date. I do my best to get orders out quickly, and I once did a Tier 3, non modified in three days for a rush order.

For eBay customers - As part of the agreement of my listing, I sent you to read and agree to the terms of sale on this blog. By purchasing, you agree to this shipping policy, regardless of the 15 day max processing time on eBay. Keep this in mind when you leave feedback. Would you rather have a quality product in a reasonable time, or a less than perfect product quickly?


No one under the age of 18 may order. I will not sell to minors, nor will I be held responsible for a minor purchasing through an adult.

The Customer is NOT Always Right -

A new policy. I’ve received a number of very rude messages via eBay. If you don’t like something about my operation, feel free to not buy. If you are rude, impatient, or a total douche, I will not sell to you. I’m not particularly PC, and even though I’m extremely prompt and polite to those who follow my rules, I’m just as quick to ignore those who don’t. So if you’re bossy, pushy, impatient or rude, take it elsewhere.

NEW!! - Serviceability Agreement

As my operation matures, I am finding that many of my customers are expressing an interest in protecting their investment and have requested that I offer something akin to an extended warranty. Starting now, I am offering a special Serviceability Agreement, to cover things like attrition, and accidental damage.

What this means to you -

Are you drooling over those custom painted and modified guns but want a prudent approach to protecting your investment? I will repair or replace your gun, for a period up to one year, for a small additional cost.

Coverage -

Term Length - 1 Year.

Term Coverage - If gun is damaged, worn, or breaks down, I will repair or replace it, no questions asked. This means that I don't care if you stepped on it, threw it against a wall, dropped it, or what happened, by paying for the insurance, and shipping me your gun, I will repair or replace it. It's like having a guaranteed gun refresh.

Your policy begins from the day of your receipt of the gun.

As proof of your policy you will receive a printed, HAND signed copy of your policy noting these terms and the exact gun you ordered.

See this page for full details and terms.

USA - Shipping to the USA is via Priority Mail for $18 with insurance and tracking.



Shipping to other countries varies, but here are some examples:
  • To Canada with insurance - $30
  • To Mexico with 75 indemnity - $28
  • To Japan with insurance - $50
  • To Australia with insurance - $50
  • To England with insurance - $50
Please inquire for your country. I will ship anywhere!

INTERNATIONAL EBAY CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE – Due to a recent glut of international shipments and the fact that I’m just one guy trying to make a living here, I’m happy to send guns to anywhere, but remember that if you purchase your gun THROUGH eBay I do NOT have access to the funds until AFTER you receive your order. That means that I may not have the money to ship it right away.
I know that they made the new policy to protect buyers but I wouldn’t go through all the trouble to make this site, and sell through eBay just to steal one order worth of shipping but the new PayPal policy makes it VERY difficult to sell internationally. Every eBay auction I put up sells overseas, which is fine, but If you want your order shipped sooner, you will need to either:
  • Leave feedback to release the funds.
  • Choose local pickup for shipping through eBay then separately PayPal the proper shipping amount.
Neither method is following eBays’ rules but most of my blog customers are tired of the new policies as well. Sorry but that’s how it is.

Quantity - If you are ordering four or more, discounts may apply. For very large orders I may be able to pack them in a larger box. It will depend on distance and time required.

Returns - Due to the highly personal and labor intensive nature of the work, I am hesitant to offer a formal return policy. If your gun for some reason is not working properly, I will inspect and either repair or replace it at my discretion within 7 days. If it looks abused, or tampered with, I cannot offer any refund. If you busted it up, and you admit it but you want a new one, I'll be happy to trade in the old gun for a discount on a new one, depending on how much of your gun I can salvage for parts. I'm just one guy trying to make a living, so that's the best I can offer at this time. If you want better protection, purchase the Serviceability Agreement.
The one exception is the Signature Series, see price list for details.

Attrition -

Please note that modified Nerf guns are plastic toys being subjected to considerable stress. Over time, they will lose power. This is not a flaw, nor is it something I will consider returns for. Bear in mind the limitations of plastic. If you want me to “refresh” your gun, I will do so for a fee, depending on the parts needed. If you want better protection, purchase the Serviceability Agreement. If you are not comfortable with this idea, but still want a beautifully painted gun, buy one without the mods. They last longer.

Conclusion - Thank you for reading, and I hope I have addressed your every concern. If you have questions, want to place an order, or want to discuss a custom project, email me at uryaen@yahoo.com.
If you want to see the full size pictures, or you'd like me to shoot a particular angle, just shoot me an email. Thanks and I look forward to helping you.

Ryan Siller


deadpool-003 said...

Dude those look awesome as hell. They look labor intensive though. Still the craftsmanship that I cansee from the pictures is awesome. Expect an order from me around Christmas

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aww man! these look and sound great! how much would it be for the most beastly gun you can make?

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