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Nearly ten years after I first launched this blog and started selling modded and painted blasters, I STILL get inquiries from you guys, and for a while, I turned them down, but you just keep asking.

With amazing new guns like RIVALs, MEGAs, and the new stuff coming in 2017 I can no longer resist. 

I no longer maintain or update this blog. I am now a professional photographer, but I still do blasters. So visit 

To see the latest content and to order custom projects. 

See you there, and if you need professional photography for your business while we're at it, that's what I do now. 

- Ryan

UPDATE: 2.2.2011: Due to recent demand, I am now taking limited orders for Mavericks again. I should note that about a year and a half ago or so, the computer that contained all of my customer and shipping information was stolen. Subsequently, I had some security issues with my online accounts. My eBay account, PayPal, and even the email account I used for PayPal have been completely shut down and are gone forever. I do not have ANY record at all of previous orders, and I am considering this a new endeavor. I apologize if you've tried to reach me concerning issues with past orders, but in order to do this as fairly as possible, and because I'm sure I suffered more loss than you did, I'm not going to attempt to support orders made two years ago or so. 

Moving ahead, I am doing a new endeavor full time; www.uryaen.com, a site dedicated to hardware and software evaluation. I have been given a couple of recent orders, including a massive 20 gun order, so I set up shop again for limited orders. If you want a Maverick, please review the 2011 pricing. Yes, it's a little bit higher than 2009 pricing, and this is for two reasons. One: my costs are much higher, and two: My profit margins will be much different this time. I do assure you that the quality of the product is just the same. I may change and reevaluate pricing as we go along, but in the meantime, feel free to place an order, and I will get that out to you according to standard lead times. I am solidifying Rush Order pricing, but expect to pay more for a rush order. 

Transformers - I will still do Transformers, and the new third movie line is coming out. Best to email for a specific quote and bear in mind that these won't be cheap. 

Site information - MOST pages of this site are unchanged from 2009 and may contain outdated information. I don't have time to go through and update EVERYTHING. Email me, and what I tell you by email is the current information. I have updated the price list page, and this note, and so far, that's it. 

VIDEOS and IMAGES - I am in the process of getting a new camera soon, and I will create new videos of the 60 foot Maverick, and new macro images of builds as I go along. Look for updates here. 

I am anticipating somewhat of a rush, just like last time, so if you're on the fence, order now. 


Home of the 63 foot Maverick! See new video here.
NEW! Custom Painted Transformers!

Greetings! Welcome to THE premier Custom Nerf Gun provider online.

Welcome www.mwctoys.com readers! Tonight marks a new chapter in my operation. Most of you are here because Michaels’ feature sparked your curiosity. I fully anticipate a massive influx of orders based on this story, so if you want to get an order in, and you want to be first in line, see THIS PAGE for a quick and dirty overview of my product line and to order a pre-configured package deal.

Because of the influx of new orders, there will be a backlog for the foreseeable future. In order to keep this process as fair as possible, I am implementing some new rules. Please see the this link for more information.


As we get started, make sure you follow me on Twitter. See the gadget to the right, or just add "UryaenNerf" to your Twitter client. I am tweeting all my daily workload updates, so don't forget this.

6.15.09 - CLEAR MAVERICKS NOW IN STOCK! See price list for details.


Click on the "read more" link below for extensive details and pictures.