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Ok, you’re just here for the quick lowdown. Maybe you’re new to Nerf guns, or maybe you’ve never heard of modifying them. For the sake of celerity, this is the basic idea:

For any of a number of different Nerf N-Strike guns one can buy, I disassemble and highly modify them for the purposes of function and power. Function usually meaning the ability to fire our custom made ammo, which is cheaper and better than Nerf ammo, and Power meaning the ability to fire that ammo with great velocity.


On top of this, I add any of a number of styles of custom paint jobs. Look at the galleries on this site for examples. The more detailed guns are said to have the look and feel of a real gun. Choose your style!

Once all this is done, we have a collector worthy piece. 12-16 hours of labor goes into each gun. I do all the work myself. See the rest of the site for more details.

And that’s the quick of it. If you’re ready to order ( and if you are I highly suggest that you do so quickly, ) consider ordering a pre-configured package by name. Look at the Package Deals page, and select a package. To keep things simple, I have only three options for shipping:

Domestic USA: - $18 with insurance and delivery confirmation

Canada - $30 with insurance

The rest of the world - $50 with insurance

Right now, I won’t be offering a shipping discount for more than one gun, as each gun is shipped in its own box. If you order several guns from me, I may be able to put them in a much bigger box, but I will evaluate that on a case by case basis.

If you want to protect your investment, see this page. I offer the ONLY industry “Serviceability Agreement”. This is both a promise and a warranty. If your gun breaks within a year, I will fix or replace it. See the link for full details. If you opt in for the protection, you will receive a hand signed copy of your warranty, just add $25 at the time of ordering and state “Warranty” in the PayPal field.

If you are in a massive rush, and don’t mind paying for a rush order, add $25 to your order, and I will put you on the priority list. The priority list is still first come, first served, so if you need it now, don’t hesitate to order.

So to order, take the package price, add your appropriate shipping, optional Warranty, and send a PayPal payment for that amount to uryaenebay@gmail.com. Make sure to fill in the note section with the name of the package you are ordering and Warranty if applicable.

That’s it. Your order will be confirmed by me personally in the order that it was received. Shipping will depend on workload and order, so get yours in soon.

Note: Due to the priority of orders, I may not be able to answer general questions. Everything you need to know is on this site. I have built a very comprehensive amount of information here and emails only containing questions such as "how far do your guns shoot" will be ignored.


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